Conde Naste Traveller magazine Top 10 Yoga Retreats in India

October News

What is Yoga anyway? There are so many different types and names for Yoga classes these days that for a novice Yogi its difficult to know where to start. We design our Yoga Holidays at Bamboo to offer a mixture of classes so that you get to experience different forms of yoga and different teaching styles from […]

Summer News

Bamboo Yoga Retreat had the most amazing season, our centre was full of wonderful guests and inspired Yoga classes. We thank you if you did made it out to see us for being part of our project. As one guest told me Bamboo has the ‘ LOVE..’. i smiled with tears of joy..and replied its the people that make […]

New Year at Bamboo Yoga

The New Beginning of 2015 and the end of 2014 started with a beautiful meditation in our Ocean yoga shala and a flower Puja with Deborah and Helen our Bamboo Yoga teachers. Deborah Berryman was running the Whitespace retreat over Christmas and New Year which had 12 wonderful guests on it, she took them on a […]

Building Your Daily Practice (Swedish Version)

Bamboo Yoga Retreat kanske framkallar bilder av en vilsam, pittoresk vecka borta från det hektiska vardagslivet, och samtidigt som återhämtning och vårdande är en del av vistelsen här, är disciplin och struktur det också – att gå upp tidigt för att vara med på yoga- eller meditationsklasser, och att behålla den dagliga rutinen hela vistelsen. […]

Notera mera, ta in Naturen och ge dig själv Näring

I det hektiska liv vi lever, är det lätt att glömma bort att ta en paus för att vårda sist själv – att ge sig själv näring, så att man kan känna sig klar, fokuserad och utan spänningar.  Men vad betyder det egentligen att “ge näring” till sig själv och hur gör man det? En närande upplevelse kan vara vad som helst […]

Nurture, Nature, Notice

In our busy lives, it can be easy to forget to take time out to nurture ourselves so that we are fresh, focused and void of tension; but what exactly does “nurturing ourselves” mean and how do we do it? A nurturing experience can be anything that allows your mind to shut off and have […]