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Nurture, Nature, Notice

In our busy lives, it can be easy to forget to take time out to nurture ourselves so that we are fresh, focused and void of tension; but what exactly does “nurturing ourselves” mean and how do we do it?

A nurturing experience can be anything that allows your mind to shut off and have a bit of space, or something that allows your body to let go of the tensions and emotions that are so easy to hold on to. It can be a fleeting moment or week-long immersion like a yoga retreat in an exotic place; spontaneous or planned. It can be a new experience, a chance to unwind, or an acute and focused awareness of being present whilst doing anything you do.

How can we bring a bit of nurture into our daily lives? Simple – think of “NNN”; Notice, Nature, Nurture and how these can fit into your day, your week and your life:-

Look out the window on a sunny day and take time to notice how red geraniums perfectly complement the green tree leaves and bright blue sky; watch the sun set over a deserted beach. Run a hot bath with uplifting essential oils, or curl up under a cosy duvet with a new book; let yourself dance inhibited to your favourite song.

Notice how you feel during each experience – both mentally and physically (from the mental space that doing nothing creates to the physical sensation of releasing tension). Bring an element of Nature into your life – flowers, trees, wind, natural scents, whole foods, new scenery. And then sit back, and watch your life start to take on an element of Nurture, leaving you refreshed and ready to face the world.

Bamboo Yoga Retreat has a focus on these three elements. Our yoga and meditation classes clear the clutter from your mind to allow you to notice daily moments, physical sensations and the beautiful surroundings; our location on Patnem Beach in Goa allows you to enjoy the crash of the waves, the sun setting over the ocean, the majesty of mighty palm trees and nature in its true glory; the total experience from silence and stillness to sensational salads to warm sand will leave you feeling nurtured inside and out. Nurture yourself by allowing us to nurture you.

Whether it is something planned like a yoga holiday in Goa-India or something simple at home like watching the wind move the leaves on a tree, nurturing experiences can be all around us – every day and in every way. Take the time to notice, and watch how life can change from stress to substance, one small moment at a time.

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